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Full Text URIs: Technical Details

Providing Full Text links to text and data mining tools The CrossRef Metadata API makes use of CrossRef DOI content negotiation to provide a common mechanism for text and data mining users to locate the full text of articles on the publisher’s site. The publisher is still responsible for delivering the content to the user, and as such, any existing access control (if applicable) and usage statistics data can be applied to content accessed… Read Article →

Alt-texts: The Ultimate Guide

This post contains everything you need to know about alt-texts! When to use them and how to perfectly craft them. By me, Daniel, a web developer with vision impairment who use a screen reader in my day-to-day life. My experience of images on the web I use a combination of magnification and screen reader when surfing the web. As a rule of thumb, I use magnification on larger screens and a screen reader on… Read Article →

Why the Financial Times is converting text articles to audio

FT Labs — the publisher’s four-person experimental unit — has been converting its text articles into audio to figure out its readers’ appetite for listening to articles. The publisher has been using Amazon Polly to convert the text articles into audio, read by artificial voice named Amy. Written articles take between one and three seconds to convert into audio. Both short news items and long-form, evergreen pieces are converted, like a… Read Article →