Top 10 Bingham Memorial Hospital Affiliate Clinics

Bingham Memorial Hospital is a health care center located in Blackfoot, Idaho. This is a list with its most important clinics:

1. First Choice Urgent Care treats emergencies like flu, fever, accidents, allergies, sinus infections, and so on. If you need a CT scan, it can also be done locally.

2. The Cardiology Clinic. Patients needing a cardiology consultation can now use the services offered by Dr. Shields Stutts, who has over 20 years of experience with treating patients in Idaho Falls and over 30 years of experience as a cardiologist.

Dr. Stutts is a member of the American Heart Association; in the past, he has served as a board member for Idaho’s American Heart Association. He was named one of the top cardiologists in the country by Consumers’ Research Council of America.

3. The Diabetes Resource Center is the perfect place to learn more about diabetes. Several diabetes education programs are provided, in an effort to help the patients know as much as possible about diabetes, and thus be more responsible for their health.

4. The Internal Medicine Team focuses on treating the adult health related issues and diseases. The clinic focuses on diabetes and high blood pressure treatment. In addition to this, heart disease, kidney disease and digestive system problems are also addressed.

Patients learn to make small changes that have a big positive outcome, helping them avoid having other health related problems in the future.

5. Idaho Doctors’ Hospital has the main goal of providing the residents with the best quality medical services in the area. The hospital uses state of the art medical equipment, in an effort to ensure the least invasive techniques, thus helping patients return to the comfort of their homes as quickly as possible.

The hospital was built by the people in the area; according to Louis Kraml, CEO of BMH in Blackfoot, Idaho, the Doctors’ Hospital wants to revolutionize the spine treatment as we know it. The hospital owns the largest hyperbaric chamber in the area. Idaho Doctors’ Hospital employs the best spine surgeons in the country.

6. The Neurosciences Center treats neurological disorders and performs brain surgery. It is the perfect solution for people suffering from Parkinson’s disease, epilepsy, etc. Families and patients that experience these disorders are invited to visit the Idaho Neurosciences Center and get to know the friendly, caring doctors.

7. Idaho Kidney Center is the perfect solution for patients needing dialysis treatment.

8. The Pain Group will find the best solution for people suffering from chronic pain.

9. Idaho Physicians’ Clinic tries to offer high quality health care services without wasting the patients’ time. This makes it possible to have same day appointments.

10. Pocatello’s Physicians and Surgeons Clinic serve patients that need psychological, dermatological and gynecological care.

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Louis Kraml Medical News

Louis Kraml, administrator of Bingham Memorial Hospital, has launched a commendable initiative that will allow over one hundred children that live in Idaho to benefit from free screening; in addition to this, some of them will also receive free treatment.
louis kraml free children screening initiative

louis kraml free children screening initiative

It’s a fantastic initiative and we would like to see many more like this happen throughout the entire U.S.A.Another commendable initiative of Mr. Kraml is the recruiting campaign that was launched under the “Play Where You Work” campaign at Bingham Memorial.

Doctors are encouraged to move to Idaho and work there, becase the state has won the “best place to work for medical personnel” award for the second year in a row. More information about this can be found at the Louis Kraml blog post which can be found at the APAO Sydney medical site. Great job, Louis Kraml!

New Opportunities For Cancer Therapy

Some of the microRNA molecules can actually can stop the development of the malignant tumors. They can also serve as early cancer detectors and have the ability to measure the way in which the patients respond to treatment.

New biomarkers could also help identify colorectal cancer even when it is in its early stages. According to Doctor Michael J. Kerin, MCh, microRNAs have a great potential and could prove to be extremely useful for all the patients suffering from cancer, including non-melanoma skin cancer, in the very near future. More information can be found here.

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